Below are organizations that are really standing up for our Colorado wild horses and other wild horses and domestic horses. We encourage you to help support these organizations if you are looking for worthwhile use of your donations.

The Colorado Wild Horse Foundation works to help wild horses and burros in the state of Colorado, whether living free in the wild or after having lost their freedom. CWHF's mission is to keep all wild equines safe and healthy so that they may enjoy living their best life.


For the Love of Aria

For the Love of Aria is committed to giving young mustangs a solid foundation of care and training as they navigate a successful transition away from the wild. Advocating for these at-risk horses will remain our priority.

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Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary.

"Giving wild horses an opportunity and a voice."

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Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Advocate Team - SWAT

THE SAND WASH ADVOCATE TEAM (SWAT) is a group of dedicated volunteers working to support and preserve the wild horses of Sand Wash Basin in Colorado.

You can learn more about them on the internet here:

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